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Framing Hints
Framing offers protection for your prized possessions.
Photos,pictures, prints,posters and Water Colours are  usually glazed.
Oils and acrylics  are normally unglazed
Needle point and cross stitching can be either.
Moisture and UV light need to be minimized to prevent damage, as
paper and wood frames attract moisture. UV light fades signatures and colour.
Framing stabilizes and protects, mat board acid free limits discolouration; and is a spacer between the photo print or object and the glass.
For very large pieces, glass is too heavy and fragile, use acrylics.
When packing use a blanket/ bubble wrap with cardboard over the glass. When transporting pack several frames pack glass side to glass side. Remember to protect the corners with cardboard
Hanging Hints
Minimise UV by reducing exposure to sunlight and incandescent light .
Minimise Humidity constant temperatures are best Not too close to air conditioning.
On masonry walls ,stick on small pads on back of the frame to keep directly off surface.
Choose design position first. Some times it helps to get an idea of size and position.
Cut out paper the size of your frames and blue tack to wall, drill with more assurance.
Next is hanging, look at the drop of the hanging cord, select the middle mark the position.
Whatís the wall made of, whatís the weight of the frame?
Masonry walls and timber studs provide best anchor points. Drill plug and screw Gyprock or soft walls most hardware provide special screws or fasteners that are weight rated.
 Take care in using small brass hangers or adhesive ones on heavier frames.
Cleaning Care
Clean frame with soft damp cloth.
Glass cleaners for glass, but never for Acrylics (Perspex).
Donít ever use solvent based to clean acrylics,use a soft water damp cloth.
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